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About Salt Therapy

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is to help people reduce their symptoms from various respiratory conditions using a drug-free and natural therapy. At the Salt Therapy Breathing Centre we have researched natural therapies used throughout history and have developed a way to bring these environments to you. Many of the sites we have researched for their historical use in health and wellness have a common thread mineral salt. We have designed environments to simulate Speleotherapy, breathing in the air in salt caves, floatation in a high concentration of salt which is found in many natural spas in Italy, Greece and most notably the Dead Sea, as well as natural products used to relieve certain skin conditions. Our therapies are modeled on treatments that have been used by ancient and modern cultures throughout the world and believed to have a good influence on respiratory, skin conditions and holistic wellness.

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About the Clinic:

Salt Therapy Breathing Centre has gone to great lengths to locally simulate the treatment caves found in a salt mine located in the Ukraine. Our specially constructed Salt Rooms have been built from solid salt blocks mined from over 300 meters deep in the ground caves, imported to Canada and carefully constructed into the walls that make up the rooms. Extracted from salt pools surrounding the Dead Sea, our Dead Sea Mud is packaged and imported to provide you with the same mud that has been used over centuries along with other products containing all of the Dead Sea minerals. With a sophisticated flotation tank, we use a high concentration of Epsom salts to simulate the relaxation and soothing treatment of soaking in the Dead Sea.

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