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Salt Room Session - $45 / session
Tranquility Tank - from $110 / float (more details)
Registered Massage Therapy - from $23 (more details)

Salt Room Session       $45.00 / hour

** There is a minimum of 6 sessions in the salt rooms for both children and adults. **

*Salt Therapy requires potential clients to have a FREE consultation prior to potentially starting the salt room sessions. This is necessary in order to gain case specific information. Consultations are no obligation-simply a way for one to understand what they can expect from the therapy with their specific condition and circumstances.

*Salt Therapy requires confirmation the day prior to the consult in order to preserve the scheduled consulation. This is due to limited availability. A receptionist will contact you in order to ensure confirmation. In the event of not receiving confirmation- the consultation will regrettably be cancelled.

Tranquility Tank          $110  (1 float)

Packages of floats       $98 per float for 3 floats ($295)
                                        $91 per float for 6 floats ($548)
                                        $79 per float for 10 floats ($790 - two payments)

* Packages are transferable with friends/family and do not expire *

** You get a private room to yourself for an hour and a half and you float for about
an hour of that time, all amenities provided **

Registered Massage Therapy          $23 plus tax  (15 minutes)
                                                            $50 plus tax  (30 minutes)
                                                            $65 plus tax  (45 minutes)
                                                            $80 plus tax  (60 minutes)
                                                            $95 plus tax  (75 minutes)
                                                            $110 plus tax  (90 minutes)

Massage Packages

RMT Salt Room Massage (60 minutes in the salt room): receive all the benefits of salt therapy while simultaneously enjoying a therapeutic massage ($110.00)

RMT with Deep Sensory Relaxation (60 minutes): Enjoy a 30 minute float session before or after a 30 minute therapeutic massage ($120.00)

Authentic Indian Massage     Traditional Indian Massage:
                                                   $75 plus tax  (30 minutes)
                                                   $120 plus tax  (60 minutes)
                                                   $150 plus tax  (80 minutes)
                                                   Head and face massage 20 minutes: $60.00

                                             30 minute massage and 20 minute float: $110.00
                                             60 minute massage and 20 minute float: $155.00
                                             80 minute massage and 20 minute float: $185.00
                                             Head and face massage and 20 minute float: $95.00

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*All prices are subject to change without notice