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How it Works

At the Ukrainian Allergologic Hospital, a renowned speleotherapeutic clinic, patients with all forms of bronchial asthma and other chronic nonspecific lung diseases
have been treated successfully for more than 30 years. Annually, more than 2000 adults and 1000 children attend the clinic.

The microclimate in our salt room uses salt from blocks cut and imported from a mine in the Ukraine. The salt suspended in the air is released naturally through convective diffusion from the walls. By strictly controlling the temperature and humidity it is possible to create a hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air environment. The microscopic salt molecules (negatively charged ions) travel through the sinus and respiratory systems absorbing moisture, cleansing, clearing mucus and killing bacteria along the way. They also form ionic bonds with contaminants, which are transferred to mucus and phlegm and subsequently discharged from the body.

The salt particles are so small they are not noticeable and are easily inhaled with natural breathing. Simply by sitting in the salt room, our clients inhale low concentrations of salt deep into the lungs. The result is not only optimization of respiration, and therefore cellular function, but also reduction of tissue inflammation and immune system enhancement.

Salt Therapy is 100 per cent natural, drug-free and non-invasive. Although salt respiratory therapy is new to Canada, in many countries in Europe the therapy is considered conventional and is covered by health insurance programs. There is about a 90 per cent success rate with children under the age of seven. For adults, the success rate is about 70 per cent.

Suitable for adults and children from the age of 4 months and older, speleotherapy can be used as a sole treatment, or to complement other treatments.

In most countries outside of North America it is typically recommended that parents try natural methods of treating their children’s asthma and respiratory conditions before using pharmaceutical products. There is concern that hormone (corticosteroids or ICS) inhalation medication can cause serious and dangerous side effects in childhood.

Consult your physician, and ask if salt respiratory therapy might complement or replace current treatment of your respiratory condition, or that of your child.

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Speleotherapy is used specifically to treat the symptoms caused by:

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Salt Lamp Description & Instructions

All salt lamps are $199

The salt lamp is designed as a complementary therapy for people suffering from chronic and allergic diseases of the respiratory system.

Purifying and cleansing the lungs is not only beneficial for people with breathing problems but also for people working in environments contaminated by dust, bacteria, toxic substances, and for smokers.

The therapy is for all ages and is especially recommended for children.

Our salt lamps are made from the same salt blocks/crystals that have been
used to build our Salt rooms. Each salt lamp is a salt block that is over 270 million years old. The salt lamps are able to create an artificial microclimate in your bedroom, identical to the climatic conditions of the underground salt caves.

How Does The Lamp Work?

  1. The air around the lamp is allergen free, which enables the immune system to strengthen and balance out. The salt released penetrates deep into the bronchial tubes and absorbs mucus from swollen mucus membranes. The salt blocks are 98% sodium chloride.

  2. Thick mucus becomes thinner and is released more easily. The airways expand which eases breathing, inhalation and exhalation. This allows for deeper and improved sleeping!

  3. The salt lamp releases negative ions, balances the electricity in the air and neutralizes negativity, and is therefore recommended for placing in rooms in which there are computers or other electrical devices. 

Possible Treatments Using the Salt Lamp

Asthma, COPD, chronic ear infections, chronic cough (including smoking), croup, sinusitis and rhinitis, bronchial diseases, throat infections, chronic runny nose, snoring and sleep problems, cleansing and purification of the respiratory system.

What is the difference between our salt lamps and Himalayan salt lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are typically orange and can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. It is claimed that the minerals of those salts are beneficial. However, during inhalation of salt particles it is impossible to predict the correct amount of inhaled minerals since the amount of minerals is not constant in the salt crystals. Many of those types of salts contain clay, mud, soil and other impurities. Inhaling impurities may cause allergic reactions and other side effects. In addition to that, with the presence of other minerals, the sodium chloride content is reduced. Only untreated sodium chloride is clinically proven for inhalation and use for treating respiratory conditions. Use of other salts is considered experimental. Our salt lamps come from a source that has been clinically tested to help those with respiratory issues (a mine in the Ukraine called Solotvino which is a hospital for breathing conditions).The salt from that mine is untreated sodium chloride (98%) and are the same salt blocks used to build our salt rooms. If you are interested in a salt lamp for breathing issues, it is very important that the salt is untreated sodium chloride without the presence of other minerals.

Operating Instructions

  1. The lamp should be placed close to the person within a radius of not more than one meter (preferably close to the bed, next to a computer, etc...)
  2. It should be turned on 2 hours prior to sleep, left on for the duration of the night and turned off in the morning.
  3. The salt lamp is effective for 5 years.

Safety Instructions

  1. The lamp must be placed on a firm and stable surface (weight is approximately 30-40 lbs)
  2. The lamp must be kept away from flammable materials.
  3. Do not cover the lamp when in operation.

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Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp


Salt Pipes

Refillable Salt Pipe - $45
Big Salt Pipe - $55

Breathing in with your mouth and out with your nose, the tiny salt particles are able to get deep into your respiratory system. Like a neti pot that is used to clean out nasal passageways, using the salt inhaler pipe for 15-20 minutes a day helps flush away impurities we breathe in everyday, as well as help to heal and calm inflamed lungs and airways. The salt pipe can be used complimentary to the salt rooms or by itself as a preventative and/or rescue inhaler. The salt pipe is a mini portable salt room.

  • The salt pipe should is not meant to replace any prescribed inhalers.
  • Salt pipes are limited to those who can inhale on their own- typically children 6 years and under are unable to properly utilize the salt pipe- left to discretion of the parents
  • The large salt pipe has a life span of 5 years, the refillable salt pipe has a life span of 3 years.
  • Refillable salt packets are sold at Salt Therapy for $15

Salt Pipe 3

Salt pipes are popular in Europe and are becoming increasingly popular in North America. Dr. Oz has featured salt pipes on his program. Click here to see the video.

Daily Use For Several Minutes Can:

  • Ease Breathing - support rehabilitation & medical therapies of the respiratory system
  • Clean the respiratory system from pollen & other allergies
  • Thin out thick stubborn mucus making it easier to release
  • The salt pipe acts like a "detox device" even for people who do not suffer from respiratory ailments. We all breathe in pollution. The salt pipe cleans and regenerates the whole body by allowing the lungs to better function and increase oxygen intake.

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Salt Pipe 1

Salt Pipe 2